Participation rules

Tembo User Forum should be a space where everyone feels comfortable to contribute. We see the following set of participation rules as a basic set of rules to be enriched over time with the opinions of our users.

By participating in this forum:

  • I am open to learn from others and let others learn from me
  • I leave space for others to share their knowledge, opinions or mistakes: no judgments!
  • I respect differences of views and opinions
  • I respect others and I use language which cannot be perceived as offensive or aggressive
  • I am aware of the community’s diversity: different cultures, genders, languages, digital skills and experiences in MSF
  • I speak for myself and from my own experience, without naming other people not present
  • I make sure that the content I share is from trusted source
  • I take confidentiality seriously when sharing conversations outside the forum: I share only the learnings and I don’t name or devalue members for their contributions
  • I will not share spam or any other form of advertising
  • I respect MSF code of conduct, both in my daily MSF work and in the forum
Last modified: Tuesday, 5 January 2021, 5:20 PM