Tembo is now accessible in Ethiopia and Nigeria

Tembo, the learning space for all MSF staff, is currently being deployed in the field. Tembo will help increase access to learning and development, for everyone to be better prepared for MSF Operations. Access to Tembo is easy; it can be downloaded on personal smartphones, staff can use a personal email address, and content is available offline in projects with local servers. In case MSF staff don't own any smartphone, they can use tablets the Tembo team is making available in projects and offices.
Ethiopia was the first mission to get the ball rolling with face-to-face inductions for 147 staff. Following Ethiopia, the Tembo deployment team is currently visiting OCBA projects in Nigeria. To support the adoption of Tembo, meaning for additional staff to get access to the platform, and to engage all learners in the long run, we have created a community of local MSF Ambassadors. This is a voluntary role for any staff to help pass Tembo key messages, support their colleagues in learning with Tembo, and receive first updates about the program.
In Gambela project for instance, 5 staff members are currently volunteering as local Ambassadors, regularly in contact with the Tembo team. While the initial deployment only includes content in English, the second version that will be released this summer will include French content, and more features such as the Communities of practice. To get your mission to access Tembo, or for any question, contact tembo.bcn@barcelona.msf.org